Luxury LED Folding Book Lamp

  • $34.99

This bendable, flexible, battery-powered light is perfect for any book lover. The lamp is “Off” when closed, much like a book, but when opened, just as characters inside a book come to life, so does this light. It provides a 360-degree display of luminous, LED light that has a variety of ways it can be displayed - from flat surfaces to hanging from a fixture, the magnetic clasp ensures it stays where you put it. This “book” can be used as a table lamp, a floor lamp, a night-light, a wall light, a pendant light, or you can buy several and decorate for a themed wedding or party.

  • Backing color: Wooden
  • Light-up color: White or Warm White
  • Battery Life: 8 hours
  • Features: Portable, Wireless, Magnetic Closure, 360-degree light
  • Charger: USB Cable charges the 2500mAh Lithium Batteries
  • Watts: 4.5 Watts

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